Castellano vs español

What’s the difference between castellano and español? Which one should I use? Short answer: both are correct, both mean the same language. Sí, no, gracias, por favor, etc. Long answer: Spain is a country. español,-a is someone/something that comes from Spain. The origin of the Spanish language can be located in the old kingdom of … Continue reading Castellano vs español


Pendejo se usa mucho en México, para decir idiota, estúpido, dumbass, y en Argentina/Uruguay para hablar de una persona muy joven o inmadura. Ejemplos: Mi vecino es un pendejo, pone la música a todo volumen. ME My neighbor is an idiot, he plays music very loud.Te estás comportando como un pendejo, madurá un poquito. AR/URU … Continue reading Pendejo

Estar metido en la mierda

And it’s other versions: ‘estar de mierda hasta el cuello‘, or, ‘estar en la mierda‘ means to be in deep shit. Just picture someone’s soul swimming in shit. In the circles I move, that means to have too much urgent work to do. I imagine that in darker places might need to be in trouble. … Continue reading Estar metido en la mierda

Nombres de países

Whoever named the following countries in Spanish should be held responsable: Lituania and LetoniaEslovenia and EslovaquiaUruguay and ParaguaySuecia and SuizaAustralia and Austria Am I missing any pair?

xxx de mierda

‘uruguayos de mierda’, ‘españoles de mierda’, ‘gringos de mierda’, ‘putos de mierda’, ‘putas de mierda’, ‘blancos de mierda’, ‘negros de mierda’. There. And if you are frustrated because the tv doesn’t work, or they are showing a shitty movie, don’t be shy: ‘tele de mierda’. You’d be wrong, though. Humans and animals are full of … Continue reading xxx de mierda

Ser un aborto del diablo

OMG! I just remembered this one, and I’m overexcited. What an insult. I don’t like that is so superficial: it means “to be ugly as hell / to be incredibly ugly”, but anyway. el aborto: miscarriageel diablo: Satan I haven’t heard it in a long time, I don’t know if it’s falling into disuse, or … Continue reading Ser un aborto del diablo

¿Qué cojones haces aquí?

(Seen in ‘El desorden que dejas‘, episode 1) A man rings the bell. When nobody opens the door, he tries to get in, using his own key. A woman, inside, makes it in time to block his access. They know each other. “¿Qué cojones haces aquí?“, she shouts at him. Translated literally; ‘What testicles are … Continue reading ¿Qué cojones haces aquí?


I only feel deeply offended when someone insults me with a truth, or something I believe is the truth. “Te estás poniendo gorda”, “te estás poniendo vieja”, “loca como tu madre”, maybe they hit home. And yet I’m pretty sure they are not obscenities. By definition, an obscenity is an “extremely offensive word or expression”. … Continue reading Obscenities

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