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Castellano vs español

What’s the difference between castellano and español? Which one should I use? Short answer: both are correct, both mean the same language. Sí, no, gracias, por favor, etc. Long answer: Spain is a country. español,-a is someone/something that comes from Spain. The origin of the Spanish language can be located in the old kingdom of … Continue reading Castellano vs español


Pendejo se usa mucho en México, para decir idiota, estúpido, dumbass, y en Argentina/Uruguay para hablar de una persona muy joven o inmadura. Ejemplos: Mi vecino es un pendejo, pone la música a todo volumen. ME My neighbor is an idiot, he plays music very loud.Te estás comportando como un pendejo, madurá un poquito. AR/URU … Continue reading Pendejo

Estar metido en la mierda

And it’s other versions: ‘estar de mierda hasta el cuello‘, or, ‘estar en la mierda‘ means to be in deep shit. Just picture someone’s soul swimming in shit. In the circles I move, that means to have too much urgent work to do. I imagine that in darker places might need to be in trouble. … Continue reading Estar metido en la mierda

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